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Privacy Policy

Plain Language Privacy Policy:

Salem Power Equipment, LLC and use data regarding your account and purchases in the routine course of business operations, not the least of which is filling your orders.

In the course of filling your orders, appropriate portions of your data may be shared with key suppliers such as credit card processors, shipping companies, and vendors who provide distribution services for us, and of course our webhosting service.  We are unable to control data once it is with those suppliers ... but these are the folks we trust with our data and we do business with, including in most cases our own bank account numbers and credit card numbers. does rely on routine web interactions and analytics ... including things like cookies and so on.  That's all here to make your experience better and to help us make our web operations better. 

Salem Power Equipment, LLC is not presently engaged in the practice of selling your data for marketing or other gains.

Salem Power Equipment, LLC may periodically send you eMails regarding your account with us or information we feel you may be interested in.  Sorry ... we are a small company and don't have a marketing staff who will routinely fill your eMail inbox with random offers of dubious interest.

Of course, we do reserve the right to change our privacy policy without further notification.